Botanopia Brass Support for Plants

    Finally, Botanopia has delivered the goods with this Brass Climping Stake.  This modular design lets you assemble a sleek black chain, as long as you need, up to 1m90. Add a simple nail, screw or pushpin to hang it from a wall, and you’re good to go. It’s made of brass with a protective black coating, and can be used indoor or outdoors. This beautiful natural material will eventually develop a lovely patina.

    We think it looks amazing paired with an ivy, pothos or a classic monstera. For outdoors, wisteria or a grape vine will be showstoppers. We like to use this chain against a rain pipe or other unsightly detail to camouflage them under foliage.  

    Material | Brass
    Packaging Dimensions | 22 × 16 × 1 cm
    Assembled Dimensions | max 190 cm