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Aroid Mix Box

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The What For

Not all plants are created equal. They each have unique water, light and fertilising requirements to hit their optimum growth and thrive.Aroids need a blend of large chunk orchid bark, perlite, coco peat and compost to really live their best lives. 

We’ve formulated a mix of quality ingredients to best replicate the soil conditions  from the rainforest floor where many aroids grow. This combination is designed to be the loving and supporting foundational base for your Aroids. 

Thisperfectblend goes further than other mixes by adding horticultural charcoal to remove toxicities and added inneem granules to bolster beneficial plant minerals. We don’t add in any slow release fertilisers, so you can be sure you’re in complete control of your plant’s feeding. 

Please note: We cannot ship the potting mix into Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions

Please note: We cannot ship the potting mix into Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions

The Details

Soil ph: 5.5 - 6

Weight:2kg (approx)

Components: Orchid Bark, Composted Bark, Horticultural Charcoal, Coco Coir, Perlite.This mix contains no slow release fertilisers

Will pot up approximately 3x 190ml pots

The How To

Just afew of the Plants our Aroid Mix is great for:Monsteras, Philodendrons, Syngoniums, Rhaphidophoras, Epipremnums, Scindapsus, Anthuriums

Use our Aroid mix when it's time to repot or when you’ve just brought home a new plant from the nursery and you need to get it into a quality mix (and out of that peat moss!)

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