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Basil / Herbs

If you are growing tomatoes you'd better plant a basil or two for an award winning bruschetta and pesto combination. Get that quintessential Italian taste with this easy to grow herb. All the benefits minus the international airfares.

Nutritional benefits:
Source of antioxidants, vitamin K, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium and dietary fiber.

Potential health benefits:

  • Boosts immunity due to potent antimicrobial activity by inhibiting bacterial growth
  • Inhibits cancer due to antioxidants from vitamins and phytochemical
  • Supports digestion due to anti-inflammatory action in the digestive tract
  • Helps balance acid within the body and restores the body's ideal pH level

Kathryn Batty
Holistic Nutritionist BHSc (Nut Med)
Mindful & Co Cronulla