Birch Pot - Tall

    If you are ever going to buy a planter to add personality to your collection, it would be with this Birch Pot (Tall) from the Evergreen Collective.

    Its three legs will elevate your green mates towards the gods. Once planted, the earthy, neutral tones of the pot will stand like a beacon of style for your potted plants in an arrangement or as a standalone piece for your balcony or bedroom.

    Dimensions: 20.5cm tall x 14cm diameter and will fit
     many standard-sized nursery pots. Perfect if you love to 'spring clean' and rotate plants into different pots. 

    Available in Slate, Chalk or Fog finishes. 
    Made from stoneware, finished by hand. Indoor or Outdoor use. Due to the nature of the glaze, irregularities in finish will occur.

    Contains drainage hole and plastic plug to give you options on what to fill it with -  
    thirsty ferns or arid cacti? 

    You'll be supporting local when you shop the Birch Pot (tall) as it's made in Melbourne, Australia.