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Cade Hanging Pot - Large


Lift your game and your plants with one of the most beautiful hanging pots out there. Seriously, the stoneware Cade Hanging Pot (large) radiates minimalist elegance with its textured sand point matte glaze and tan cord hanger.

The beauty of the small Cade Hanging Pot is to brighten narrow entrances, boring corners or above basins around the house. Hanging pots a great option when you need to preserve precious floor space of apartments or tight corners and will be free to grow and flourish without the little hands or paws getting in.

The Cade Hanging Pot does not have a drainage hole which means it won't drip or leak onto anything below. Perfect for succulents and cacti, or green leafy guys you rotate in their nursery pots. Fill with love, Boston Ferns and The Plant Runner Potting Mix. It fits many standard sized nursery pots. Best used indoors. Due to the nature of the glaze, irregularities in finish will occur (a.k.a it has character).

You'll be shopping local with this beauty made with love by Melbourne-based Evergreen Collective.

Available in four finishes: Ash, White, Dusk, Cypress.

Dimensions: 14cm x 24cm