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Haws Classic Copper Watering Can

We don't say this often, but this watering can is exquisite. Seriously, the Haws Classic Copper Watering Can is made of pure copper and even feels luxurious and balanced in the handle - let alone it nails its function of being able to water things. It has a removable brass rose (the little bit at the end with the holes) and its long narrow spout will reach right to the back of your thirstiest plants.

Move over sad green plastic watering can, you are no match for the Haws. They are handcrafted in a shape that spans a 100-year-old tradition and made from pure copper.

If you're thinking of a watering can that you can keep forever, it's got to be Haws. Established in 1886, Haws is the world’s oldest manufacturer of watering cans, and their products are as enduring as their reputation.

We're proud to sell such functional works of art through The Plant Runner.

Each Haws Watering Can comes in a gift box, is packaged for travel and makes a thoughtful present for the bougie plant lover in your life.

Lightweight - easy to carry (only 1.3kg when full).
Removable Baby Oval Brass Rose.
Measures 35cm x 16cm x 11.5cm (L x W x H)
1L capacity

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