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Toyama Hamono Topiary & Hedging Shears

These hedge and topiary shears are a delight to use. With sharp sharp blue paper steel blades and an easy action, they are the perfect tool for trimming topiary & hedging plants in small garden settings. 

Hand-forged in Kyoto, Japan, these shears feature fully laminated blades that take and keep a phenomenal edge. The blades have a slight curve in towards each other, such that their cutting surfaces meet cleanly through the cut.

When the shears are opened further than about 30 degrees, the blades lose contact from each other and a small amount of slack is felt in the handles. This slack dissipates and the blades reengage as the blades are closed again.

Routine maintenance of your shears is essential to getting quality use and a long life out of them.
We recommend removing sap and other plant residues with an oil such as eucalyptus oil, and storing in a dry place. Wrapping with an oily clothe or oiling before longer storage is also recommended.


Overall length 70cm
Handle length 45cm
Max useable blade length 15cm
Distance from points to pivot 18cm