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Microfarm by Mother

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Harvest on the regular with this MicroFarm by Mother. 

Light, stylish and built to last, these MicroFarms by Mother are made from high-quality anodised aluminum, while the trays are made from a non-scratch durable material that is safe for use in the dishwasher. 

Microgreens can be harvested as soon as the first leaf has developed - usually around 7 days. Their nutritional content (40x more vitamins) is higher than full grown veggies and because the growing process is shorter, you don't loose any vitamins. 

Microgreens are low impact, no pesticide and short-chain grown - removing unnecessary transport and packaging. 


1. Put water and a paper towel in one tray. Sprinkle some seeds over it then cover with the other tray. Leave for three days, only removing the top tray to see if there is enough water. 

2. After 3 days, remove the top tray and turn on the grow light. 

3. After 4 more days, you'll be ready to harvest. 

Note: These steps can be repeated with the second tray after the first tray has begun to germinate. 

No soil. No Mess.

These microfarms can also be used to grow potted herbs - simply place the herbs under the light and pick as required


Warranty - 4yr

Colour Parameters - CCT=3914K

                               - CRI: 96

Photo Parameters - PAR: 92%

                              - Flux: 2495lm

                              - Light Distrobution Angle: 120°

Dimensions - Light Module Length: 395mm

                    - Light Module Diameter: 36mm

                    -  Mount Width: 150mm

                    - Mounts Height: 250mm

                    - Tray Length: 390mm

                    - Tray Width: 194mm

                    - Tray Height: 20mm