Opinel Gardener's 3pc Set in Wooden Box

    A perfect gift set for the avid gardener in your life or you!

    Featuring three essential tools for maintaining a vibrant garden or veggie patch in a handy and colourful set. Each gift box contains a No.12 folding saw-knife for cutting branches up to 8cm in diameter, a No.08 folding garden knife for weeding and harvesting, plus a No.08 folding pruning and grafting knife with a conveniently curved blade. 



    • No.12 saw knife for cutting branches less than 8cm in diameter.
    • No.08 pruning & grafting knife has a slightly curved blade for grafting, pruning, incising and more.
    • No.08 garden knife is versatile and suitable for weeding and harvesting.
    • Folding design on all knives makes them easy to transport and protects the blade when not in use.
    • Strong and efficient construction.
    • Lightweight.
    • Fitted with a S/S safety rings; locks the blade open and closed.
    • Hole in saw handle for hanging or threading a loop and an anti-corrosive carbon steel blade that works through a pulling action.
    • Pruning knife fitted with a curved blade.
    • Garden and pruning knife use Sandvik 12C27 modified stainless steel requiring no special maintenance.
    • Natural Beech wood handle from France.
    • Packaged in a sturdy gift box.


     12cm blade on saw knife. 8.5cm blade on garden knife. 8cm blade on grafting knife.


    Hand wash; do not submerge or soak. To clean wood hafts, we advise you to use a sponge or a clean cloth moistened with some warm water (20°C), then to wipe it off immediately with a dry cloth. You should avoid running it under water and letting water penetrate into the groove, as this will make the haft warp.