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Palm Springs Planter - Large White

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Lightly’s Palm Springs planter – Influenced by the functional mid-century modern shapes and colours of Palm Springs, California. They run parallel with Lightly’s value of timeless design and practical beauty.

Australian designed, this Palm Springs planter is made from spun metal, then powder coated and is perfect for planters and sculptural vases with an indoor or outdoor use.


270mm x 340mm


Each piece is handcrafted, and therefore slight variations may occur. This is because it is made and finished by hand.

The Powder-coated finishes and metals can react with organic matter and chemicals, and it is recommended that you be mindful of what you spray or pesticides you use. For longevity, Lightly suggest using their vessels as a ‘housing’ pot with the potted plant inside.

If you do plant directly, drain well. Wash off the metal and dry with a soft clothwhen necessary