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Plant Nerd Pin

Nothing says 'I love plants' like pinning this enamel badge of honour to your collar.

The 'Plant Nerd' pin is more than a just pin, this is a statement to the world about the time and energy you've put into making sure the Fiddle Leaf in your apartment is a healthy, towering beast. We're right behind you giving you the hype you deserve!

Pin is 2cm x 4cm, has a rubber clutch (the bit at the back) with a gold-coloured finish.

Pin to your tote, your collar or your jacket to make a statement about who you are and what you love.

Designers Wit and Whistle combine their love for plants, art and punchy lines in this enamel pin. Wit and Whistle are a female-lead family business, crafting pieces out of their studio in North Carolina, USA.