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PlantSpectrum16 Growbar by Mother

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Designed to keep your smaller houseplants looking their best, the Plant Spectrum 16 (PS16) is a full-spectrum, sunlight-replicating grow light. With a Photosynthetic Active Radition (PAR) of 92%, the PS16 will boost any plant's growth, without taking up a chunk of space in your room or having to drill holes into walls. 

Sustainably designed to cool faster and last longer - 4yr worldwide warranty with an 8yr intensive use expected lifespan - the PS16 has a replaceable LED board so you won't need to throw away the whole unit. It is made from 100%, recycled anodised aluminium. 


Warranty - 4yr

Colour Parameters - CCT=3914K

                               - CRI: 96

Photo Parameters - PAR: 92%

                              - Flux: 2495lm

                              - Light Distrobution Angle: 120°

Dimensions - PlantSpectrum Length: 395mm

                    - PlantSpectrum Diameter: 36mm

                    - Standing Mount Diameter: 125mm

                    - Rack Mounts Height: 10mm