Conscious Calendar Co. x Settler Hives 2021 Seed Calendar

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    In collaboration with Settler Hives please enjoy a new enriching way to plan your days and embrace the seasons. 

    As you turn the pages month by month, you will be gifted with a new seed to plant, a combination of herbs and flowers specifically chosen to suit the Australian seasons. 

    Elegant and enriching photography by “House of Frau” and thought-provoking words by Conscious Calendar Co. This calendar will inspire you to live a conscious life, one more connected to nature and in flow with the world around you. 

    Includes; 20+ seeds per variety/month on a biodegradable string. Making it easy to plant, even for us non green thumbs. Just put the string on a bed of fresh soil, dust a little soil over the top and away you go.

    Seeds are able to be shipped within Australia only