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Summit Hanging Pot - Large

Make your place feel bigger, greener and more jungle-like by hanging your plants and to free up precious floor space.

The Evergreen Collective's Summit Hanging Pot (large) is made from stoneware and finished with a gloss glaze to create a visual impact through beautiful natural tones.

The Summit Hanging pot is great for doggos, cats and kids you might have around your place. Also excellent for awkward corners or as pendants above the bath.

Fill with love, your favourite Golden Pothos and The Plant Runner Potting Mix.

Dimensions 14cm x 24cm.

Available in Ocean Blue and Cloud Grey. Due to the nature of the glaze, irregularities in finish will occur (irregularities = one-of-a-kind beauty).

You'll be shopping local with this beauty made with love by Melbourne-based Evergreen Collective.

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Ocean Blue
Cloud Grey