Willow Woods Propagation Vessel - Marri

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    These hand crafted botanical vessels come in a range of timbers to suit the style of your home. Our glass vessels are one standard size - 495ml. The wooden holder sits loosely atop the glass vessel and does not act as a sealed lid but rather support for your chosen botanic. The hole or "cutout" on the wooden holder varies from small, medium and large depending on your needs.


    Follow our simple size guide to see whats best for you​


    - Displaying single stem cut flowers - the narrower opening allows for the flower to stand up straighter.

    - Propagating tall stemmed cuttings - Supports the plant in an upright possession while still having adequate room for the roots to grow and be removed safely.

    - Single leaf propagating - holding the leaf above the water without falling in! (Pictured)


    - Larger propagating plants with multiple leaves and thicker stems.

    - Water plants like Pothos - leaving enough room for the roots to grow and be easily removed for cleaning.

    - Not sure what you'll be putting in there? - a good all rounder


    - Displaying herbs - more room to fit a whole bunch of goodness.

    - Cut flower bouquets - so you can get more in there!

    - Large cuttings like Monstera Deliciousa

    - Orchids - our vessels can be used to hold orchids, just layer pebbles, charcoal and spagnum moss and your'e good to go.