Welcome to The Plant Runner. A passion project between two friends who wanted to share our love of indoor plants and do so in a way that allowed us to reach as many people as possible. What started as a walk-in, mobile plant shop and greenhouse has quickly grown into something so much more - we don’t just sell plants at pop-ups and markets across the city:  We now do plant consultations and installations, and produce our own range of bespoke Indoor Plant Care Products that can be found in nurseries, florists and all good plant shops across Australia. 

    Essentially, we do plant stuff.

    We met in early 2017 when Duncan had just moved to Melbourne and started working for Dom in his garden maintenance business. Both qualified horticulturalists, keen travellers and music lovers, we hit it off and it wasn’t long before the opportunity came up to collaborate in our own business venture - a Plant Truck. 


    Dom has always thrived in creative environments. Before starting his own gardening business in 2011, he toured extensively as a musician both domestically and internationally. But he always loved getting back into the garden and since launching his own maintenance business he has created and maintained some of Melbourne’s most unique and beautiful gardens. 


    After years of travel and work in the tourism industry, Duncan decided to take his interest in gardening and turn it into a career. After graduating as a horticulturist, he started working in the community sector where he developed a passion for functional green spaces and the positive impact they had on those who used them. 


    Fern spent the first 49 years of her life as an no-name horsefloat in rural Victoria. It wasn’t until 2018, after Dom and Dunc first saw her advertised for sale in Mansfield, did she find her true calling. The boys purchased her on site then went about ripping, sanding, sawing and painting and turned her into the Plant Runner’s flagship vehicle. Fern had arrived. 


    Sprout joined the Plant Runner family in mid-2018. A 1952 Wayfarer Caravan, left unused in a dusty Melbourne garage. It took Dom roughly one week to gut, strip, line and paint him before he was launched at a local Melbourne market. Fern’s smaller, more agile cousin, Sprout is able to Pop-Up in smaller venues meaning the Plant Runner team can cover even more ground.