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Because plant care doesn't need to be difficult.

Being serious about plant care isn’t about making it more complicated. It’s about making it rewarding and keeping it simple, so you can enjoy watching your plants grow. As plant-nerds and horticulturalists ourselves, we’ve done the study so you don’t have to.

Plants give us beauty and joy. The least we could do is return the favour.

Everything you need to grow happier, healthier, plants.

With over 30 years experience of working with plants between us, we know a thing or two about plant nutrition! Our Fertilisers have been designed to ensure your plants are getting all the nutrients they need, all year round.

It’s shine time baby! Our Neem Oil is made using 100% organic ingredients. It can act as a leaf shine, fertiliser, and help clear dust to let plants photosynthesise. Spray on leaves and wipe with a soft cloth for lush, shiny foliage. We haven’t registered our neem as a pesticide - so if it happens to keep insects away well…. that’s just a coincidence.

Not all plants are created equal. They each have unique water, light and fertilising requirements to hit their optimum growth and thrive sweet spots. This goes for potting mix too. Our range of bespoke potting mixes are designed to get the best out of your plant - be it a cactus, Monstera or a Fiddle Leaf.

Our Organic range has pioneered the way for sustainable plant care. Using carbon-negative ingredients we reuse food waste from local cafes, restaurants and businesses and turn it into Frass. With over 200x more nutrients than worm pee and compost, these products are packed with beneficial microbes that literally bring life back to sad and tired plants.

Products that look as good as the plants they’re caring for.