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We often get asked this question. “How often should you water indoor plants?” Unfortunately, the answer it not exactly simple. There are so many different types of indoor plants and they like to exist in different sorts of environments and conditions. 
PLANT PROPAGATION might sound like a bit of a technical task best left to the experts, but it’s really not difficult at all, essentially. In fact, many of you have probably done it as kids and didn’t realise (your teachers didn’t use words like propagation on you)
Lots of folks swear by a nice herbal tea before retiring to bed, and it’s generally agreed that this is a healthy and effective dose for dozing. But did you know that the humble herb’s big cousin – the plant – can assist in getting that elusive superior shut-eye?
Many people living in cities these days don’t have very much natural light entering their space. Indoor plants which don’t need much light are best for such abodes of course. Naturally, most people are going to do their best to optimise the light they do receive through windows, sliding doors and skylights. And obviously no-one wants to keep their indoor plants in the dark - because we want to see them!