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Have a look in the ‘directions’ tab under each product listing. If you’re still unsure, feel free to shoot us an email or a DM on the socials!

All of our products are produced in Australia

While most of our products are vegan, our Bio Pellets and Soil & Microbe Booster are both produced using the excrement of the Black Soldier Fly larvae so cannot be classified as vegan.

The Shelf life of our Neem oil is 12months. While its leaf shine properties will still continue after twelve months, the primary compound in the neem - azadirachtin - will no longer be active. Our product is mixed with plant-based oils to help extend the life of the Neem even after mixing, meaning all you need to do is spray and wipe when necessary.

Our Indoor Plant Food has a shelf life of 5 years.

Yes and no. It’s the same product, with the same NPK and macro/micro nutrient values. The only thing that's different would be the batch of seaweed we’ve added. Our seaweed is shore harvested and not from a consistent source, so depending on where it comes from and the variety it is, it will change the colouring slightly.

Sure are. You can throw them into your compost or simply place the in the sink and run them under some water.

So far, as  1% for the planet members we’ve donated to the following environmental NGOs:

Yarra Riverkeepers Association, Australian Conservation Foundation, Bush Heritage Australia, Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary, Sea Shepherd, Warriors 4 Wildlife, Shark Conservation Australia, The Climate Council of Australia

We have distributors in Korea, Hong Kong, Kuwait, India and New Zealand. We’re working on making our products available in the US and Europe as we speak!

Sure do. If you’re not happy with your product it can be returned to us, unused, for a full refund. We do not cover the cost of the return shipping though - sorry!

Totally! We love to know our products are being gifted. If you’d like us to add a note, please shoot us an email with your order number and the message you’d like to include.

Most orders are shipped within 2 business days.

There are a tonne of great plant care brands on the market at the moment. Some of the things that set us apart include - both founders are qualified horticulturalists, we have one of the largest ranges of products from potting mixes to fertilisers to sprays, our products are sustainably packed with minimal (and no) single use plastics - glass jars and bottles all the way! Oh, and we work with carbon negative products like frass where possible making those products both good for your plants and good for the planet!

Produced right here in Melbourne, our Frass comes from black soldier fly larvae. It's production process is carbon-negative and is a unique plant fertiliser. Our Frass is more microbially diverse than other natural fertilisers like worm castings and compost. It has an NPK of 4:2:2 and is full of trace nutrients. It is also an excellent source of Chitin. We’ve written more about it here

Over Spring and Summer, we recommend  using our Indoor Plant Food every 2-4 weeks. 

Over Autumn and Winter, plants generally slow down their growth so they don’t need as much fertiliser. Fertilising with our Bio Pellets over this time is perfect. However, if your plants are still actively growing (so putting out new growth) you can continue to fertilise at the regular dilution and rate of once a month.

Yes, it can be used for orchids.

Yes they are. All our fertilisers contain both Macro (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium) and Micro (boron, iron, manganese, zinc, copper and molybdenum) nutrients, so your plants won’t want for anything.

We add 1-2 drops with every water change

Neem is a non comedogenic oil meaning it will not clog pores.

Charcoal is produced when a biomass is heated at a temperature over 450°C with limited available oxygen. Traditionally it has been used as fuel and can be activated to work as an effective filter. Biochar is simply charcoal that has been produced with the intent to improve soil qualities by acting as a filter, increasing water holding capacity and increasing microbial activity.

It improves soil and potting mixes by:

Promotes microbial activity

Enhances fertiliser effectiveness

Improves soil water and nutrient retention

Chitin can be found in the exoskeleton of anthropods and the cell walls of fungi. The Chitin in our Soil and Microbe Booster comes from the exoskeletons of the black soldier fly larvae that are shed during the production process. Chitin can help defend plants from pathogens and promotes the populations of microorganisms that consume pathogenic microbes, like those that cause root rot. 

Chitin has also been linked to the higher capture of atmospheric nitrogen and improved plant performance. Furthermore, studies have found that exposure to chitin in plants increases the expression of genes involved in the resistance of phytopathogens.

Not at all, in fact it's a good sign the microbes are starting to work their magic. The white stuff you’re seeing is Saprophytic fungi and we’ve blogged about it here

No no, all good! These pellets are literally packed with life, so once exposed to heat and water the microbes, bacteria and fungi get to work breaking down. If they seem a bit, not your vibe, simply cover them with a bit of topsoil so you won't need to think about it. The white stuff you’re seeing is Saprophytic fungi and we’ve blogged about it here