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Meet the people behind Plant Runner

As two mates with absolutely no retail experience (but a heap of plant knowledge!) started selling plants out of the back of truck in 2017, we never thought that we'd end up running a wholesale and retail ecommerce business. 

What started as a passion project between two mates - building Australia’s first mobile plant shop - has blossomed (yup, the plant puns will keep on coming) into the most visited Plant Care webstore in Australia. We don’t take the truck out as much anymore, but it still represents the very heart and soul of The Plant Runner.


Co-founder Duncan is a warm and generous plant-lover who loves a yarn about what you’ve got growing at home. 

His background in horticulture qualifies his green thumb, and he has applied his knowledge and passion in the community, residential and corporate sectors.  

Duncan balances beauty and function for green spaces and values the positive impact they have on those people who use them. 

After years abroad, he stumbled across an impressive pop-up plant shop in New York - an installation that immersed him into nature and greenery in one of the most iconic  concrete jungles in the world. This experience would go on to inspire him and Dom to create their own oasis of plants in a vintage truck fondly known as Fern, the original  Plant Runner.


Co-founder Dominic is a creative, entrepreneur and horticulturist, thriving in diverse environments - he usually takes the grown over  path on bushwalks. Dom has travelled extensively locally and internationally as a musician.  

At home he’s drawn back to nature having grown his residential and commercial gardening business since 2011. His green thumbs have sculpted, designed and grown some of Melbourne’s unique and sought after gardens.  

As a proud Dad he’s passionate on growing a better future for the next generation and educating small hands about the beauty and pleasure in nature.