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Our Top 10 Houseplants for 2020

Yes yes its another plant list. But at least this one is ours! Dom and I thought we'd share a few plants we think (?) you'll be seeing a lot more of over the next year (Whether or not you can actually get you hands on them is another thing). And the good part is if we're wrong you can bring this back up in a years time and point out how far off we were!


1 .  More (!?) Ficus

That's right, the Ficus family is again representing as one of the top plants for 2020. Although this year it's not going to be all about the Fiddle Leaf, or the Elastica, but a couple of newbies you might start seeing pop up a bit in the 'gram a bit more. We're talking Ficus Dammaropsis (Dinner Plate Ficus) and Ficus benghalensis (Audrey Ficus). 

You may have seen our Dinner Plate Ficus (pictured below) on our socials in the past, we did manage to get our hands on a few last year and decided to keep one for ourselves. These guys are easy to grow and care for, and have absolutely MASSIVE leaves which makes for a real statement piece in your home. 

The Audrey Ficus is well on its way to being the next Fiddle Leaf Fig. Already hugely popular in Europe and the States, you've most likely only seen her on your socials so far. Easy to care for, more tolerant than the Fiddle, she has leaves similar in shape to the Elastica but instead of shiny and dark they are a light green and matt colour with an almost velvety texture. Plus, Hilton Carter makes a great point - "Who doesn't love a plant that already comes with a name?"



2. ZZ Raven Plant

Winner of 2018's coveted 'Best New Plant' at the Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition, the Raven Zanzibar Gem, or Zamioculas zamifolia Raven is basically a ZZ Plant, but black. And it looks RAD! An incredible plant to style with not only for the ZZ's architectural habit and foliage, but because of its uncommon jet black colour. Low maintenance too so you're on to a winner!


3. Mini Monstera

While not quite a Monstera (well, not at all really), the Raphidophora tetrasperma often gets branded as a 'mini' Monstera due to its similar(ish) leaf shape. This guy is a climber and vigorous as all hell! Its not uncommon for the tetrasperma to be throwing out new growth all through winter given the right spot, and although a little harder to get your hands on last year they are way more accessible already so expect to see a lot more of them!


4. The Olive Tree

Ignoring the fact that all indoor plants are actually 'outdoor' plants somewhere, we're betting you'll be seeing more unconventional plants indoors this year. One of our favourites is the Olive Tree. Olive trees have a beautiful light coloured foliage and stunning grey stem so they make an incredible statement plant indoors when paired with the right pot. Careful though, these guys need HEAPS of direct sunlight so you're going to need to find (or create) the right spot in your home. Also, word to the wise, opt for a dwarf variety (they usually grow to around 2m) to save any awkward encounters with your ceiling. 



Ten points if you figured that one out - The Strelitzia nicolai (Giant Bird of Paradise) was pegged as one to watch in 2019 but we don't feel like we've hit peak GBOP just yet, and feel like there is still a lot more love to give for the this plant. Hot tip - if you're already on the Nicolai bandwagon and want to stay one step ahead, think about grabbing a Strelitzia juncea for a striking clumping plant with its unusual foliage shape. 


 6. Arrowheads

Syngonium podophyllum (Arrowhead Plant, Arrowhead Vine) is an absolute belter of a plant that is completely underrated. Grown for its arrow-shaped leaves and range of colours and variegations, this guy is a trailer and a climber and super impressive. We're banking on seeing a lot more Syngoniums throughout the year.


7. Rhipsalis varieties. 

Ok so there is so many Rhipsalis that we're not going to play favourites. This is an easy to care for family with a wide range of trailing  foliage shapes and textures. 


8. Sansevieria varieties

I swear we're not getting lazy just because we're near the end of the list. The mother-in-law's tongue is often represented by the Sansevieria trifasciata(pictured below), but there is a whole world of Snake plants out there for you to get your hands on and fall in love with. Our favourite? The Sansevieria masoniana or Whale Fin Plant. 


9. The Philodendron Hope

If you want lush, green and low maintenance, then the Philodendron selloum is your plant. This is a bit of a Goldilocks plant - not too much light, not too little light. Not a really warm room, but not an icebox either. Sounds fussy, but when you think about those conditions you'll realise its suited to 90% of your home. Easy!


10. Stay sharp its a prickle party

Who doesn't love a cactus? They're an absolute mission to repot but they look so good! Like the Olive, these guys are going to need a lot of direct sunlight. Many of our customers talk of their love of cacti but not having a bright enough space in the home. Here's a little trick: up your mirror game! A few well styled/place mirrors can dramatically increase the light levels in a room an open up the space to a whole new world of plants.


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