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Your home looks great and feels happy when it’s decked out with indoor plants. There are many ways to use them within your overall decorative scheme. If there’s not really a scheme as such, houseplants will work just as well anyway! There’s a lot of fun and creative ways to arrange various indoor plants around your place. For seasoned campaigners, there are loads of tricks you’ve probably picked up along the way. But for folks starting out, it can be a jungle out there! To help you guys out we thought we’d share 10 of our top tips on how to style pot plants.

Beginners: you should start with the basics. Which spaces are you decorating? What are they like? Large, small, shady or light-filled? You need to consider pragmatic factors from the start, as these will guide what sort of plants you use. You should also be thinking about whether you intend to spend time & effort tending to lots of indoor plants. Are you going to commit to it, or is a smaller number low-maintenance pot plants a more realistic proposition? Once you’ve worked out these things, you can seek professional advice from an expert and figure out which types of pot plants will be best for you.

Aficionados: you might have been nurturing houseplants for a long time, or a little while, and you’re pretty good at it. You love your pet plants; you’re thinking about getting some more. But you’ve got them placed randomly all over the joint; you’re no interior designer! Never fear, our tips are here and clear, read on…


Having pot plants at, adjacent to, near the entry to your home is a wonderfully welcoming look. It sets the tone and the mood for visitors in a colourful and peaceful way. Plants here will soften the features at your entry space and also many may emit a pleasant fragrance. Not just for visitors, but for you as well; every time you return home, you’re amongst friends, even if you live alone. They will always be happy to see you. This part of your abode may not receive very much natural light, so you may need to choose plants which cope well with low or minimal light. You’ll probably want larger types; perhaps snake plants or snake grass plants, or fiddle leaf figs?


A thoughtful grouping always looks stylish in the corner of a room, and a cute cluster can work nicely in many settings. Arrange the pot plants in odd numbers, like 3 or 5 items, in triangular layouts, not too far or close but just the right distance from one another. Bigger ones at the back. This is probably the most popular indoor plant styling tactic. It actually doesn’t matter if the plants are quite different or similar. Having some sort of theme which connects them is definitely effective. They need to complement one another in some way. You want the plants to all be in attractive pots – it's OK if the pots are all different in terms of design, size, texture etc. – actually some diversity is ideal; but clashing colours won’t go down well. Neutral colours are always easier to work with.


Tables, both big and small, look very appealing with foliage flowing across them and even cascading over one side. This could be a fairly simple centrepiece or a more elaborate garland. The concept is the similar to having a vase with flowers on your table, but with a bit more bravado. The placement might include some candles or brass incense paraphernalia and maybe a textile table runner. Dried flowers might be a deft touch. Get creative, and think big – you don’t want it looking forlorn and lost in the middle – generous proportions for a full, textured presence.


Placing a favourite and/or particularly handsome houseplant centre stage makes for striking styling. This is especially impressive in a home where a more minimalist decorative approach has been used. The spotlight piece needs to be holding court from a splendid vessel and needs to be in a position where it’s the main focal point of the room. Obviously, it has to be an eye-catching plant, but this doesn’t mean it has to be a spectacular individual, necessarily (although it’s great if it is). It just needs to have visual impact – whether that’s to do with shape, colour, texture or whatever. The star of the show is typically on some type of stand, or coffee or console table.


Add accents to unusual and unused spaces around your home with smaller, quirky pot plants – places like old fireplaces and ledges. Play around with sizes and shapes, go eclectic with little planters and blend in other ornaments, art objects and ephemera. Make it so that the space takes on a life of its own, like a little pot plant village.


Do you have a nook or other somewhat clandestine or tricky space which needs … something, you’re just not sure what? One big indoor plant and some hanging foliage and you’ve transformed it into a special green spot. Bring in some other textures here such as an antique or vintage piece of furniture with some sumptuous cushions; maybe some glass and textile accent pieces also.


Nothing looks worse than bare shelves. There are exceptions which involve specialist interior designer styling. But for most of us - fill those shelves - with an array of attractive artefacts which sit happily side by side. Not messy mind you; there should be order, but shelves which tell a rich story are always interesting. Pot plants can be styled superbly to run along and cascade over shelves. Plants look so right mixing it with books, little decorative items, CD’s or LP’s. Use a variety of plants – from cacti to fern to flowers, how about a bonsai?


If you have windows or balcony areas which have a view or aspect, frame those spaces with gorgeous greenery. This will serve to highlight the vista and tie the external and internal together. Large, bold indoor plants play these roles perfectly. Go with the flow and finesse your panoramas with plants.


Hanging plants at the upper ends of window areas, above windows or kitchen cupboard precincts, on top of wardrobes or chests of drawers, on side tables – all terrific raised positions for indoor plants to add charm without taking up floor space or getting in the way of operations! Plants which tend to drape and cascade naturally are best for living in higher places.


We mean the cart, the bar cart! These have become one of the must have items of fun furniture for styling fashionable domains in recent years. And guess what, they look fabulous with a little touch of greenery. Add vivacity to your dapper bar cart with some interesting objects and green goodies to accompany those pretty bottles and associated accessories. A cheeky little succulent for instance; the pop of colour will really resonate in a spirited way!

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