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What are the Must Have House Plants of 2022?

We are all looking forward to this year in a big way. It’s a feeling of eager anticipation that 2022 will bring much better things – in a way which we haven’t hoped for collectively for a long time. People are cautious with their optimism, given the last two years, but quietly confident that the trajectory this year will be going in a much more desirable direction, at least. With this sense of positivity in the air, folks will continue to jazz up their homes and their lives with all things bright and beautiful. There are no signs that the love affair with indoor plants is going to subside at any time soon, so just what are the must have plants of 2022?


In Australia, a large majority of the population spent at least three months in lockdown or isolation in 2021. People realised how crucial it is that our homes provide us with comforting, calming sanctuary. One notion many embraced was to bring nature inside. There are many great reasons to do so. Indoor plants bring on gorgeous greens and an array of other subtle or striking colours to the palette of our interior styling. Residing amongst indoor plants has significant mental and even physical health benefits. It’s proven that they reduce stress, help with sleep, encourage mindfulness and they are our little pet air-purifiers too.


The popularity of house plants skyrocketed in 2021, and many more homes have them abundant in all rooms of the abode as well as spilling out across balconies and courtyards. So many more folks have discovered the joys of gardening and/or being an indoor plant owner. Thousands of people of all ages have become a lot more knowledgeable about the types of plants and ways to care for them, which is fantastic. Growing plants in and around the house wonderfully enhances the restorative, nurturing qualities of the place. This idea has been taken up with gusto in the last two years and looks as though it’s here to stay.


On trend in 2022 will be perennial favourites and a few newcomers, we reckon. Keep an eye out for edible plants, flowering plants and indoor trees. The vessels in which we house our houseplants are a far more prominent consideration now. Think :out - with black plastic pots and: in - with designer ceramic pots and planters in rich tones and terracotta, green and brown colours. Fresh white pots will remain ever-tasteful and brass jardinieres might make a retro comeback. Using different materials and textures with pots and planters will definitely be on point.


Below, in no particular order, we discuss a selection of the must have house plants for 2022. Remember though, it’s important to choose indoor plants which are compatible with your domain and lifestyle, above all. Talk to us at the Plant Runner for advice; we love chatting about this stuff!

Silver Leaf Monstera

Monstera siltepacana is a delightful, delicate member of the Monstera family. It’s a captivating and slightly mysterious looking vine; more subtle than its more dramatic cousin Monstera deliciosa but just as alluring. All Monsteras are easy to look after, the low-maintenance foliage just needs a trim occasionally; it can be cascaded over a sill or shelf or trained up a frame. A bit of water now and then and they’re good as gold.

Satin Vine

Scindapsis pictus has a terrific matt surface texture to the large leaves, with the silver colouration seemingly painted on, as though a vintage French gouache picture.  These are also not difficult at all to care for, and count amongst the various variegated house plants which are set to be a winning team in the ’22 popularity stakes. Satin vine thrives in a spot with lots of good light and a nice deep soak when the top few centimetres of potting mix dries out.

Ficus Umbellata

This is the much friendlier to live with version of the fiddle leaf fig. It’s just as pretty, but without the hassle. All it needs is a decent brightly lit pozzy and a reasonably regular watering. The lovely, large heart shaped leaves will bring joy to the heart!

Peace Lily Domino

Peace Lily is a timeless favourite, but version 20.22 has a contemporary edge, with its vivacious variegated foliage; the patterned leaves also have a cool, quirky crinkled form. For Spathiphyllum, medium bright light will do the trick, and keep the soil a little bit moist most of the time.


As mentioned, vivid colours are back in 2022. There are many types of begonias with flowers in hundreds of fantastic bright colours – in all shapes and sizes, some with amazing patterned leaves to boot. They are much beloved; so much so that one of Australia’s best known garden shows is the annual Begonia Festival held in Ballarat, Victoria. They grow well in gardens or in pots and hanging baskets. These long flowering plants are originally from subtropical latitudes but don’t worry, most will adapt to all sorts of living conditions.


Another one of the plants with fascinating flowers, these are tipped to prove popular this year. They are low maintenance, preferring filtered to bright light. Water them weekly during the warmer months and fortnightly in the cooler months. Most hoyas’ blooms will give off a dreamy fragrance.


There are many orchids and many orchid aficionados around the world.  When travelling overseas becomes simpler, if you’re in Singapore and are a fan of magnificent orchids, visit the botanic gardens there to see the best display in the world. But for your house, you might consider the stunning Slipper Orchid perhaps. They need a generous amount of watering and like to live in a cosy compact pot. There’s special potting mix for orchids and they’re a just a pleasure to care for. Behold a small but spectacular example of nature’s beauty.

Kauri Pines

Sounds like something that should grow gigantic in a formidable forest, but actually they also enjoy a low-profile existence in your home. Indoor trees are in vogue in 2022; they make a bold statement, are not hard to look after and will intrigue visitors. Keeping smaller trees - such as olives - in courtyards and on balconies is sure to have a plethora of followers this year as well.


Ferns are back! The must have house plant of the 1970s is back in fashion, and why not. They are superb for adding that breezy soft touch to a space, they go well in shady and low-light precincts in your home. They prefer a humid environment if possible. Some varieties are much easier than others to care for, so ask your friendly expert which will be best for you.

Banana Plant

Bring the tropics to your house in 2022 with the good old banana plant. You’ll need a big pot or two, bright light and moderate regular watering. Ideal in the corner in a large room with high ceilings, and perfect in outdoor terrace or patio areas, they make an intrepid statement with their impressive scale and huge leaves.

Bring on 2022. Wishing all our readers and customers the very best of luck this year and we look forward to helping you all create lovely, lush spaces in your homes in which to enjoy happy, healthy days.


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