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Why Should you Clean Your Plant's Leaves

Its no secret we're a big fan of 'shine time'. Giving your leaves a good ol' spray and wipe on the regular should be a big part of any plant care routine. Just like your furniture, you plants will accumulate dust on surface of their foliage. Now in nature, the wind and rain would do the heavy lifting, cleaning the foliage with each downpour. But at home, its up to us. Apart from making your plants look a little less vibrant, the layer of dust will block the sunlight and prevent the plant from photosynthesizing to its full potential. 

This isn't great for the plant's health. We want our plants to maximize their ability to photosynthesize and be as healthy as possible. Healthy plants are able to fight off pests and diseases - prevention is better than the cure. 

So there are two reasons to clean your plant's leaves:

1. To keep them happy and healthy

2. Because a freshly shined leaf looks so damn good.

How Often

This will depend on how much dust is in the air. We suggest a monthly ‘spray and wipe’, but if you live near a dirt road, a construction site or in a windy area - do it more frequently. Best way to tell if your plant needs a shine is to rub your fingers on the leaves - if you can see the dust then give them a clean!

How To

Well, there are few options here. One is to simply get your plants and put them under the shower (lukewarm water only! Too hot or too cold can damage the plant). Don't blast them at full strength either, just make sure they get a good rinse. Smaller, fragile plants can be washed in the bathroom sink. 

 Another option is to wipe your leaves down with a soft cloth. (Especially good for any super large plants that aren't going to be lifted into the shower) We recommend spraying the plant with a natural leaf shine like Neem Oil, and then wiping down the leaves after spraying. 

Heads Up: For plants with pubescent (leaves covered with soft fine hairs), do not wipe with a cloth - this can damage them. Instead, take a very soft brush like a duster and gently swish over them.



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