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Best Indoor Flowering Plants

Ok so you probably didn't start your indoor plant journey via some impressive flower - when people got nuts for 'indoor plants' they're usually frothing over some incredible foliage. 

BUT there are a heap of plants that can be grown indoors that will reward you with some pretty impressive flowers if that's your ticket. And with Valentine's Day just around the corner, we thought it could be a good chance to hit you with a list of our favourites!

 1. African violet (Saintpaulia)

Small, compact and flowering in shades of white, pink and purple all year round - so many reasons for this guy to be top of the list. The African violet is a popular indoor plant as they require very little maintenance (keep moist, provide bright indirect light) and you'll often find them sitting on a window sill soaking up some rays. 

Hot tip: Perform best when watered from the bottom

2. Hoya Carnosa

If you thought your Hoya's foliage was impressive enough, wait until you see it bloom. While not all species will bloom, most will reward you with umbels (flower clusters) of tiny star-shaped flowers, some with a sweet scent. Problem is, Hoyas need to be mature to flower so you could end up waiting 5-7 years before you see the fruit of your labour. Luckily for you the Hoya's leaves are impressive enough to satisfy any 7-year itch. 

Hot tip: If your Hoyas still haven't flowered after this time, they may require more light, or their could be a nutrient deficiency (so don't forget to fertilise!). 

3. Begonias

Hot damn Begonias are the business. If you missed it, the Begonia made it to our Top Plants for 2022 list due to their impressive foliage and the increased availability of previously harder-to-find varieties. But on top of all this, these guys flower. 

Hot tip: They're going to need sufficient light to treat you to a bloom, but just remember to keep them out of direct sunlight or you'll start to see them crisp up. 

4. Anthuriums

Sometimes called the Flamingo Flower, Anthuriums produce rather insignificant flowers that are surrounded by a vibrant red or pink bract. A bract is a modified leaf, but are often mistaken for 'flowers'. Where going to let semantics slide here and let them make our list because well, they're so good!

Hot tip: While they look pretty, they are toxic to humans and pets so keep this in mind when placing around your home

5. Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii)

A beautiful trailing plant that look good prior to flowering and even better after flowering. Flowers can be red, white, yellow, pink or purple and the plant will bloom for weeks at a time. They're low maintenance  too, so!

Hot Tip: Despite the name, these plants do not want full on sun 24/7. They want to be given indirect light and with thrive with increased humidity. 

image via Wiki Commons / Peter Coxhead

6. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum spp.)

Back to bracts! The Peace Lily is another impressive flowering plant with its bracts doing all the eye catching. Peace Lilies are one of the most common indoor plants, and for good reason. Their beautiful creamy-white bracts can appear multiple times within the year and their low maintenance vibe means they're perfect for beginners. 

Hot tip: Peace Lilies can tolerate a range of light conditions (no direct sun though!) but for best flowering you want to place them in bright, filtered light. 

7. Phalenopsis Orchid

There was no way were we leaving the Phalenopsis orchid of this list. One of 'Plants that Say I Love You' in last years Valentine's Day guide, the Phalenopsis will bloom for months at a time and can survive for years. They're everywhere, but with a flower like that its not surprising. 

Hot Tip: With the right care and timing, it is possible to initiate reblooming to have an even longer blooming period. 

 image via Wiki Commons/ Sally V




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