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Best First Plant For New Plant Parents

Picture this. You've just time travelled into 2022 and realised the world has gone plant-crazy. In order to blend in, you'll need to score yourself a plant, and keep it alive. This blog is for all the time-travellers out there who are just looking to fit in. Read on to find the best plant for any new plant parent.

But you don't want just any plant right? You can't get into the game with another Devil's Ivy, you need a plant that says something about you. We're talking low maintenance, but with personality. We'll here is our list of six plants to suit six different scenarios. If you can't find one that suits you, shoot us a message and we'll recommend you something.

Best First Plant For New Plant Parents who....have lots of sun

If your home is full of natural light - we're talking direct, afternoon sun - then you don't need to go any further than a cacti. When it comes to plant care, things couldn't be easier. They need light, and plenty of it. Plus there are so many varieties, meaning you are certain to find one that suits you. Pot that plant baby up in some quality cacti potting mix and a nice terracotta pot, place it on a window sill and you're good to go. 

Best First Plant For New Plant Parents who....don't have much light

If you immediately skipped past that first option, you might find solace with our next plant. If you have a dark home that doesn't get much light, or perhaps you just like keeping the blinds closed, think about getting yourself a Sansevieria. These beutiful architectural plants come in a range of different leaf shapes and habits, plus they're happy to skip a watering every now and then. We've even done the hard part and written up a plant care guide here!

(It should be said, however, that these plants prefer bright indirect light. They'll go ok in darker rooms, just don't expect much new growth!)


Best First Plant For New Plant Parents to go big

 Want to skip the small stuff and go large from the get-go? Treat yourself to a Monstera deliciosa. You know, you've seen it, and it screams "I'm a plant boss don't even think about questioning my plant credentials". Care is super simple and its reasonably forgiving, (plus we've got you covered with our plant care guide here). This is a big, showy plant that will reward you with new growth and leaf changes as they move from juvenile to adult foliage.


Best First Plant For New Plant Parents who....have zero interest in plants but heard they have some rad health benefits

 Not a plant fan but keen to soak up some of those health benefits you've heard so much about? Treat yourself to a Peace Lily. Not only will it help filter benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene from the room, but it's deep green foliage will give your home a sense of houseplant-realness. Plus, they do ok in low light - bonus! Read more about them here.

Best First Plant For New Plant Parents who....are hands off

If you're a ... less conscientious sort of person and don't want to spend your waking hours worrying about if the plant's mositure levels are correct, then grab yourself a Devil's Ivy. Yes, I'm aware we ragged on this stalwart of the Plant Scene in the opening of this blog, but really it's a stalwart for good reason. It looks great and can take an absolute beating in terms of neglect. Perfect if you're away alot, or just hate watering. Just keep it out of direct sunlight!



Best First Plant For New Plant Parents a challenge

Finally, if you're up for a challenge and want a plant that says, 'I know what I'm doing', try a Fiddle Leaf Fig. Notoriously fussy about everything, and equally difficult to diagnose an issue when they arise (symptoms are generally refelctive of one of two extremes, ie too much water or not enough water). But they do look great when you nail their plant care and find that sweet spot. Just read up a bit on them before hand so you don't go in unawares....

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