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Our Values

Jargon Free Experts

We are qualified horticulturalists who bond with people over love of plants, not Latin names.

We share our knowledge in clear and accessible language to give plant-lovers the control over their own leafy destiny.


Our products are made with premium ingredients - so your plants get the best.  

Alongside our own range we have curated a selection of accessories, tools and materials that reflect craftsmanship, quality and longevity. You won’t find these items down at the local shop - they’re as unique as the plants they serve. These items are designed to be part of a lifestyle, proudly used and displayed - not hidden in a garden shed.

People focused

We treat our relationships with our customers and retailers like we do with our plants - meaningful, enduring and enriching. We’re hands on the tools in our business, supporting our customers over time at markets, at events and online. Talking with customers about plants is what we live for.