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Our Top 10 Plant Shops in North America

Full disclosure - we haven't been to 90% of the following shops. But we've spent enough time getting inspiration on the 'gram from them that we felt like we should share. Here is the list of 10 North American Plant Shops we'd love to visit!

Note: The following list is definitely in no particular order 

1. Tula House


Why we love it: Tula is literally where it all began for us. It's also the only shop on the list that we can say we've visited! What began as a mobile plant truck (Tulita) they have now grown to a full-on bricks and motar store. Duncan saw Tulita in a market in Brooklyn waaaay back in 2017 and came back inspired to do the same here in Melbourne. 

Where you can visit: Tula House is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. To visit Tulita, check their socials


2. Haegur


Why we love it: Haegur slipped into our DM's just after we launched Fern, and The Plant Runner's both instantly fell in love with BJ's Cushman Truckster - his first mobile plant shop. Since then, he's expanded to a second, larger vehicle (also called Fern!) and then on to a storefront. Haegur has been an inspiration to us - watching the business grow (from afar, creepily on instagram) has been awesome and hopefully we'll get to the point of having our own store (soon?) too. 

Where you can visit: Haegur in Charleston South Carolina. 


3. Green Fingers Market


Why we love it:With Shops in Tokyo, New York and now Milan, Plant Artist Satoshi Kawamoto has really created something special. His unique sense of style has really resonated with us at The Plant Runner and we love the way the plant shop has become an extension of his personality to include clothing, home decor and furnishings. 

Where you can visit: In New York, Green Fingers Market can be found in Nolita (just between Lower Manhattan and the Lower East Side)

4. Little Leaf Shop


Why we love it: THAT BATHTUB! We'd love to visit Little Leaf as it occupies a space that was clearly never designed to be a Plant shop but it works sooo well. It shows what a great vision owner Amanda Mclements had when she opened the space. 

Where you can visit:Little Leaf Shop is located in Washington DC

5. Flora Plant Shop


Why we love it:Just like us, the team at Flora Plant Shop started selling plants at markets, coffee shops, breweries and retail stores. We love seeing how a small idea can grow into a thriving bricks and mortar shop. 

Where you can visit: Floral Plant Shop is located in Nashville, Tennessee

6. Pistils  Nursery


Why we love it: Because these guys are so switched on! Their blog posts are a source of so much knowledge and their website is such a pleasure to navigate. Founded in 2001, you can tell that Pistils is so much more than 'just another plant shop'. We would love to get over there and chat plants with the team.

Where you can visit:Pistils is located in Portland, Oregon.


7. The Sill


Why we love it:The original 'Plants Make People Happy'. Like Pistils, The Sill offers such a comprehensive guide to the world of indoor plants and have managed to carry their ethos and approach to plants across five locations throughout the States

Where you can visit: You can visit a Sill shop in Brooklyn, NY; San Fransico, CA; Los Angeles CA; Upper West Side, NY; and the Lower East Side, NY. 

8. The Plant Parlor


Why we love it: How can you not like a shop who's tag line is 'Grow Something'? We love the how well designed their website is and their space looks incredible. We are 100% with them when they say "Cheers to growing something".

Where you can visit: The Plant Parlor is in Grand Rapids, Michigan

9. The Plant Shop


Why we love it: Out of all the shops on this list, we think The Plant Shops vibe is the most similar to our own.Think vintage timber boxes and lots of patina'd terracota. 

Where you can visit: The Plant Shop is located in Chicago, Illinois

10. The Victorian


Why we love it: We stumbled across the Victorian on instagram and were blown away by their beautiful greenhouse in the centre of their shop. Instantly made our 'must visit' list.

Where you can visit:The Victorian is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

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