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Our Top Four Plant Trends for 2024

As we usher in 2024, the year promises to bring a fresh wave of indoor plant trends that will enhance our living spaces and contribute to our well-being. This article will delve into the Plant Runner's top four trends anticipated to revolutionise indoor horticulture. From integrating our digital plant-ucation with our devotion to in-store plant shopping, to the rise of tech in the home and how we use it with our plants , we are at the brink of some exciting advancements. Not to forget, we're calling 2024 the year of the Hanging Plant Curtains as well as being a big year for medicinal plants in the home. This year will redefining our relationship with nature in the home

 Online Learning, Offline Shopping

Despite the convenience and wealth of online shopping options, plant shops are anticipated to remain as bustling as ever in 2024. The primary reason for this is the unique sensory experience that physical plant shopping provides. There's an unparalleled satisfaction derived from the tactile experience of touching the leaves, witnessing the plant's lush vibrancy first-hand, and personally choosing a new green companion. The ambiance of a plant shop, filled with verdant life and earthy aromas, is an experience that simply can't be replicated online.

Moreover, the act of selecting a plant serves as a personal investment in the plant's life and care. The ability to scrutinize each plant in store allows for an intimate understanding of its health and needs, positioning the shopper to make an informed decision about the plant that best suits their living environment and care capabilities. This personal connection is a significant factor in our continued preference for in-store plant shopping.

While we love to shop in person, the boom of digital resources for plant care education plays an equally important role in the trend of indoor horticulture. Blogs, forums, and social media platforms have become treasure troves of information, offering tips and tricks for plant care, identifying plant diseases, and even suggesting the best plants for different living spaces. These online platforms have created a community of indoor plant enthusiasts who share their collective wisdom, supplementing our offline shopping experience with a wealth of knowledge and advice. This harmonious blending of online learning and offline shopping is set to drive the indoor plant trends of 2024.

More Tech

Our homes are becoming smarter, and it's only natural that our indoor plant care should keep up. As we move into 2024, we're going to see an increased fusion of technology with indoor gardening. Mobile applications and smart devices are stepping in to make plant care more intuitive and less daunting for the novice gardener.

For instance, plant care apps are becoming an essential companion for the indoor gardener, offering personalised watering schedules, light level measurements, and even diagnosing plant diseases through photo recognition. These apps are turning our smartphones into a pocket-sized horticulturist. And if you're constantly forgetting to water your plants, there are now smart watering devices that take this task off your hands completely. They monitor your plant's moisture levels and automatically water your plant when it's thirsty.

Lighting is another aspect where tech is making a significant impact. With the increasing availability and affordability of grow lights, plants that previously struggled to thrive indoors due to lack of sunlight can now grow strong and healthy. These lights can mimic the sun's natural light spectrum, ensuring your plants get all the light they need, regardless of where they are placed in your home.

Automated humidifiers are another tech advancement making waves in the indoor plant world. Ideal for maintaining tropical plants that crave a humid environment, these devices can automatically adjust the humidity levels in your home to create the perfect conditions for your greenery.

As technology continues to evolve, it's making caring for indoor plants easier and more accessible, even for those who may not have been blessed with a green thumb. Welcome to the future of indoor plant care!

Hanging Plant Curtains

Get ready to take your love for plants to new heights—literally! As we move into 2024, the trend of hanging plant curtains and trailing plant walls is set to be a big hit. We're no longer limited to placing our green friends on windowsills or side tables. Instead, we're turning our walls and ceilings into dynamic displays of lush greenery. Think of it as a living, breathing work of art that not only beautifies your space but also improves air quality.

As our plant education improves, we're becoming more adventurous with our plant choices. No longer are we sticking to just succulents and snake plants. We're embracing a variety of trailing plants, from the elegant String of Pearls to the vibrant Golden Pothos, and even the exotic Philodendron Brazil. These plants are known for their hardiness and rapid growth, making them ideal candidates for hanging gardens.

As we become more creative in plant placement, we're discovering new ways to integrate plants into our interior décor. Hanging plant curtains, for example, can serve as a natural room divider, providing a touch of privacy without blocking light. A trailing plant wall, meanwhile, can transform a bare wall into a stunning focal point.

The best part? As these plants grow longer and fuller, they become even more breath-taking, creating a cascading waterfall effect that's truly mesmerising. So, if you're ready to take your indoor gardening game to the next level, consider adding some hanging plant curtains or trailing plant walls to your living space. You'll be surprised at how much of a difference it can make

Medicinal Plants Indoors

The indoor gardening community is heading towards a more holistic approach. There's an increasing interest in the cultivation of medicinal plants indoors, and we believe this trend is here to stay, extending well beyond 2024. The reasons are manifold. For one, people are becoming increasingly health-conscious. Having medicinal plants at home is like having a living, breathing pharmacy - a handy solution for minor health issues. Plants such as Aloe Vera, known for its skin-soothing properties, or Peppermint that aids in digestion, have found a place in our indoor gardens.

Moreover, the diversity of medicinal plants opens up a world of learning and experimentation for plant enthusiasts. From understanding the plant's needs to exploring its health benefits, the process is as rewarding as it is enlightening. Importantly, the convenience of having these plants within arm's reach is hard to beat. It's also an economical choice, saving on those trips to the health store.

As we advance into the future, we foresee a shift towards integrating more medicinal plants into our indoor spaces. Not only do these plants add to the aesthetic appeal of our homes, but they also contribute to our wellbeing. So, the next time you're planning to add a new plant to your collection, consider a medicinal plant. Here's to healthier, greener homes!


In conclusion, 2024 is set to be an exciting year for indoor plant trends. The marriage of technology and horticulture will make 'plant parenting' simpler and more accessible, while also opening up new possibilities for indoor gardening. The trends of hanging plant curtains and trailing plant walls will help us reimagine our living spaces, turning them into verdant sanctuaries. And finally, the trend towards medicinal plants will offer us an opportunity to not just beautify our homes, but also to care for our wellbeing in a natural, holistic way. So, as we step into 2024, let's embrace these trends and enjoy the journey of indoor gardening. Whether you're a seasoned plant parent or just starting out, there's an exciting world of greenery waiting out there. Happy planting!

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