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Plant Runner Collaborators: Eddy Sara

Eddy Sara is the wizard behind it all the Plant Runner design work. He's our go to for any artworks we want done and we've got a couple of really exciting projects we're working on with him for release in 2021. He's already contributed an exclusive piece he did for The Plant Runner available on our webstore.



Eddy is not only The Plant Runner's designer, but he's also a Melbourne based artist and illustrator. His personal work often explores themes of mental health and pop-culture. We wanted to feature him in this weeks blog.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

I’m an artist/illustrator and I make personal and commercial artworks, often blending traditional media with digital media to create my images.

How do you work and what themes do you pursue?

I normally start with something I’ve read or interesting conversation that I’ve had with family or friends. During that conversation an image may come to mind. It may be quite a vague image or it may be crystal clear. The challenge then is to materialise the image somehow. Through a lot of sketching and iterations of the piece I’ll finally get to the point that I feel it’s ‘finished’. In terms of themes I jump around a bit, but I always seem to come back to themes of mental health, I guess that’s because I find psychology really interesting.

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I forgot to plug this amazing group show that I'm taking part in! Organised by the amazing @helen_kocis_edwards it's called: Water - Works on Paper International Collaboration, Exhibitions and Fundraiser. Featuring Australian Artists: Alexis Beckett, Joanna Buckley, Aidan Calabria, Jacky Cheng, Nicholas Chilvers, Greg Creek, Bill Davidson, Jerry Doherty, Carla Doherty, Carolyn Eskdale, Catherine Fisher, Kate Gorringe-Smith, Clare Humphries, Hilary Jackman, Ruth Johnstone, Mon Keel, Andrej Kocis, Helen Kocis Edwards, Cate Longden, Colleen Morris, Lyn Nicholls, Jonas Ropponen, Eddy Sara, Andrew Totman, Jessi Wong, Rebecca Young. And Italian Artists: Alessia De Bortoli, Loretta Cappanera, Matilde Dolcetti, Roberta Feoli, Deirdre Kelly, Lara Vaienti Unfortunately the opening was Corona'd but please check it out in your own time. My two contributions are called "The White Path (Fire)" and "The White Path (Water)" are a comment on the people who are determined not to see the impending doom that the changing climate is bringing our way, using any form of distraction they can to avoid the confronting and upsetting truth.

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Favourite artwork? (If that's too difficult, favourite Artist?)

My favourite artwork is an artwork by MC Escher called “Flourescent Sea”. It’s beautifully simple and has a calming energy, not what you’d expect from him normally. My two favourite artists right now are James Jean and Little Thunder.

Without thinking - favourite Plant?

I love my Cast Iron plant!

Can you tell us a little about your own plant collection? Are you a #crazyplantperson?

Yes, I have an addiction, and you guys are enabling it! I have a few pilleas, a cardboard plant, a calathea zebrina, a crassula, a portulacaria, a couple of rhipsalis, some kind of unknown palm, an unknown aroid, my cast iron plant, and I’m trying a Japanese maple as an indoor plant.

Do you think being around plants helps with your creativity?

I think they have the ability to massively transform a space, bringing life and positive energy. So in that sense I think they do. But they can also inspire with their crazy shapes and textures.

Who (or what!) inspires you and why?"

I get inspired by any other creators. When someone is doing their thing and putting their creativity out into the world it inspires me to be brave, step up and do the same!

Any new projects we should keep an eye out for?

I’m working on a comic book telling true tales from my time in hospital which will be out in December and then I’m hoping to have a solo exhibition next year when/if the venues re-open!

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My two new photocopier zines are now available on my web store! The first is "The Day Before" an account of the day before the lifesaving surgery that cured me of bone cancer. The second is "10 Stages Of Waiting Room Grief" a comical look at our mental states when waiting in a windowless room for too long. I had a great time selling these at the recent Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair 2020. There were so many weird and wonderful creations there. It was so inspiring to see how comics can deal with an infinitely wide number of issues. It was such a pleasure to meet and read the work of: @marcpearson_ @valbocomics @wendything @oddity51 @habitualnovelties @nobrainzine @ashleyronning @offendedegg Swipe to see their zines. #melbourneartist #melbourneart #eddysara #illustration #zine #comics #independentcomics #photocopierzine #digitalart #art @sticky_institute

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Finally, what's the best advice you've been given as an artist?

To slow down, enjoy the process and be in the moment.

Catch Eddy's work below




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