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Top 10 Indoor Plants for 2023

It's that time again - the Plant Runner'smostanticipated annual blog post where we list a bunch of plants we think will be the year'shottest items, then wait and see how inevitably off we are as the year passes by! So have a read and keep an eye out, if only to mock us come 2024 for our failed predictions. 

Number One: Dracaena fragrans ‘Limelight

Pick that jaw back up - we’re calling a Dracaena for the top spot. The limelight is a stunning, slow growing andlow maintenance indoor plant. If you get conditions right, this plant will reward you with beautiful lime foliage year round. 


Light: Medium to bright indirect light

Water: Water when bone dry

Potting Media: Good quality, well draining potting mix. 

Humidity/Temperature: Keep this guy warm - anything below 13°C and you’ll start seeing signs of suffering

Number Two:Aspidistra elatior

Another throwback to the golden-era of indoor plants, 2023 is going to see the Cast Iron Plant, orAspidistra elatior. Like our Limelight in the top spot, this is a hardy, foliage plant that can deal with pretty much anything you throw at it. The other end of the green-shade spectrum, its long dark green foliage will add texture and layers to any part of the house.


Light: Anything other than direct sunlight (or absolutely no light at all) and you’re sweet. We’re talking bright indirect light all the way to low, low, low light. 

Water: Allow the top soil to try out between drinks, and cut right back over winter. 

Potting Media: Repot a matureAspidistra once every 3-4 years (told you they were low maintenance) using a quality indoor potting mix

Humidity/Temperature: Unless your home drops below 7°C or reaches a toasty 29°C you’ll be fine having this plant anywhere in the house

Number Three: Herbs

Yeah yeah it’s about time herbs & co step up to take their place on the indoor plant mantle. Sure, we’re not going to be seeing a ‘Variegated Coriander’ on Instagram anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean they can’t add character (and flavour) to your home - especially the kitchen. 

And before you write these guys off because you don’t get enough light - there are atonne of great grow light options that will allow you to bring these plants indoors and closer to your dinner plate. 


(‘herbs’ is a pretty broad category, so we’ll go with the general rule of thumb here)

Light: Full sun and plenty of it. If you can’t provide full sun in a nice window sill, think about getting agrow light

Water: Most herbs are fast growing and require plenty of watering. A drink each day is ideal

Potting Media: A good seed-raising mix is perfect

Humidity/Temperature: If they’re sitting in full sun you’ll be keeping them plenty warm enough. 

Number Four: Cacti

Given we’ve just come out of our third consecutive La Niña - giving Australia very wet, cloudy summers, it might be difficult to convince you that 2023 would be a good year to go all in on the cacti and succulent game. But word is we’re looking at a return of La Niña’s equally detrimental but far less wet brother, El Niño this year. Might as well find a plant that’s at least going to enjoy the increased temperatures….

Also there’s just so much damn variety! Read more about cactihere


Light: Full sun and plenty of it. These guys are best suited for a window sill where it’s going to be sunny and hot. 

Water: Don’t overdo it - Water when dry. Once every couple of weeks should be fine. 

Potting Media: Well draining,quality mix. Like this stuff

Humidity/Temperature: Warm and dry is ideal, but if you can only pick one, then go with warm.

Number Five: Pachira aquatica

Known for their (supposed) ability to bring good luck and fortune, if you’re even remotely superstitious then you might as well grab one. Even if your luck doesn’t change, this plant is damn nearunkillable, pretty low mess and can grow as tall - or as small - as you’d like!


Light:  Bright, indirect light. Partial to a bit of morning sun but nothing too serious. Just avoid moving it around alot as it doesn’t like being relocated!

Water: Prefers slightly damp to dry soil. Water well, and then make sure top few centimeters of substrate is dry before watering again.

Potting Media: Loose, free draining mix. 

Humidity/Temperature: Think Goldilocks - not too hot, not too cold. Keeping the temperature between 12°C and 25°C and it’ll be happy.

Number Six:Epipremnum aureum

Yes yes these plants have been popular since forever, and chances are you already have one, you trendsetter you, but we’re calling a return of the low maintenance, easy growing indoor plants that used to be a dime-a-dozen prior to the covid years when being at home meant there wasalot of time to care for rare varieties. But we’re back in the office now, and travelling, or just going outside, and there is a definite appeal in having a low maintenance plant live theDevil’s Ivy at home. 


Light: Bright indirect light and this guys willthrive, but it’ll cope with lower light rooms ok too. 

Water: Wait for the potting media to dry out a bit (up to your knuckle is a good rule) and then water well. Don’t water again until those top layers have dried out.

Potting Media: A good quality Aroid Mix is perfect. Our suggestion?This one.

Humidity/Temperature: Keep this guy warm and it’ll reward you year round. Too cold and it’ll let you know by dropping a few leaves. 

Number Seven:Monstera ‘Albo’ Borsigiana

If you haven’t been spending all your cash on holidays and dinners and general ‘we’re allowed out now’ things, then you’re probably thinking about spending big on some rarer plants. Why not, you’ve spent two years at home honing your plant-care skills, so why not step it up. A popular option will be theMonstera ‘Albo’ Borsigiana- the Thai Constellations more expensive and (although I hate to admit it) far more impressive cousin. With larger, whiter variegation the albo really has an added appeal. Add to that they’re slight tougher to care for, and much harder to get a hold off, we’ve got a feeling this plant might pop up a bit more in 2023…


Light: Bright, indirect light. Plenty of it.

Water: Keep moist while the plant is actively growing (usually over Spring and Summer) and allow to dry out slightly between drinks over Winter

Potting Media:Aroid mix people!

Humidity/Temperature: Air humidity will ideally be around 60-70%, with room temp floating between 15°C and 28°C.

Number Eight:Schefflera amate

Word is there will be a lot of decluttering in 2023, with many homes stripping back the ‘jungle vibes’ of the last three years to a ‘considered green minimalism’. Plants like the Schefflera amate are perfect here - it’s large, deep green foliage and rounded form can change the feel of your space considerably. It can be a large or a small plant, and you won’t need to spend big to get one. 


Light: Medium light is perfect. It’s used to be under larger trees so it's not going to be screaming out for bright indirect light. A darker corner in a reasonably bright room will see this plant thrive.

Water: Water when dry - it’s a simple rule to follow! And if you’re not sure, go with sticking your finger in the potting media until the knuckle. 

Potting Media:A good quality indoor mixwill be fine. Just avoid the cheap stuff!

Humidity/Temperature: Avoid drafts and aircon. These plants will be happy in any room you can walk around with a tee shirt on. 

Number Nine:Alocasia Cuprea ‘Red Secret’ 

We managed to get our hands on a few of these for a few sales last year and we could barely hold on to them. Known for their impressive, metallic, purple-red foliage, these plants are easy to grow and relatively easy to care for (it’s an Alocasia after all!) if you can avoid the usual pests that plague them (spidermites anyone?). 


Light: Bright indirect light for up to 8 hrs a day when indoors. These guys are used to the jungle floor, but our homes can get a little too dark for these plants at times. Consider a grow light or find a bright space free from direct sunlight. 

Water: Avoid overwatering. Potting media should be almost dry, but not bone dry, before watering. If we could put a number on it, we’d say 40% of the potting media should be dry. How on earth you measure that, we don’t know.

Potting Media: An Aroid mix is ideal. 

Humidity/Temperature: Ideally, 80% air humidity is required. We recognise this might be a little uncomfortable (and difficult) to get to in your home, so consider a small humidifier near the plant to keep it happy. It doesn;t like the cold either, and can die back if temperatures drop below 10°C

Number Ten: Orchids

It's official. 2023 is the year of the Orchid (according to theThe National Garden Bureau at least). Given there are over 28,000 species to choose from, we figure there’ll be one in there that suits your tastes. If you get things right though you’ll be rewarded with some of the most varied and beautiful flowers out there. 


Water: For most orchids, water requirements will be pretty low. The lower the humidity, the more water they’ll require. Given the number of variables, (type of orchid, pot size, humidity) it's hard for us to be anything less than vague here, so have a chat to the nursery staff when purchasing.

Light: Many orchids in the home will require a massive 12-16 hours of indirect light a day. This will be damn near impossible for most of us, so a grow light is a necessary addition. That being said, there are varieties that prefer lower light situations (like the phalaenopsis and paphiopedilum orchid), so think about what sort of light conditions you have available when picking your orchid. 

Potting Media: Orchid Bark

Humidity/Temperature: At least 50% humidity. A humidifier or terrarium is a must.

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