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Wardian Case Tall

The Wardian Case was first invented in the 19th Centruy and used to transport plants across the globe - the revolutionised botany and transformed the way plants could be grown in different parts of the world.

This new series from Merchants of Botanica is inspired by those early pieces. Made with sustainably sourced rattan from Indonesia, with insert glass panels and a plywood and close weave rattan base, the case allows us to showcase of favourite plants and provide them with a temporate environment. 

It can also be used to present natural elements like seed pods, dried flowers or shells and feathers. 

It features a lift up lid, and is 90% made by local craftspeople in Indonesia. 



Width | 30cm

Depth | 30cm

Height | 40cm


Wipe frame and base with dry cloth. Glass panels can be cleaned with cloth and glass cleaner. Keep indoors or undercover and remove plants from case for watering, or use a saucer to avoid damaging woven base.