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Grow Probe

Moisture meter, soil checker...whatever you want to call it, the Grow Probe is an indoor plant tool that allows you to check your plant's potting media moisture. The perfect tool for those who want to play a more active part in their plant's care regime, this sustainable probe allows you to get hands on without having to shove your fingers into the soil. 

Not only that, but using the Grow Probe means not having to buy refills or extra parts, and you only need one for your whole plant fam. 

 With the Grow Probe, you need one Probe for all your plants and ZERO additional purchases. 

What we love about it though? It gives you direct access to your plant's soil so you don't need to put your faith into tools that could potentially malfunction leaving your plant fam feeling thirsty.

 Who is the Grow Probe designed for?

  • Chronic over/under waterers
  • Indoor Plant newcomers
  • Busy Plant Wizards who can't always remember when they watered last

How to use the Grow Probe:

Simply insert the probe into the plant's potting media and pull out. Touch the soil with your fingers and adjust your watering as necessary! See the image tiles for guidance