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Father's Day Special: Our Favourite Aussie Plant Dads

What better opportunity to share some of our favourite Aussie Plant Dad Instagram accounts than Father's Day? There are so many to choose from and this is by no means an exhaustive if you have your own favourites please share in the comments below!

Craig Miller-Randal (@craigmilran)

Melbourne/Bali based Furniture designer Craig Miller-Randal has one of the most incredible, plant-filled apartments we've scrolled through. His feed is an absolute pleasure to look at and inspire you - its a whose-who of the Indoor Plant World at their full indoor potential. 


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I just repotted my Monstera adansonii, it was really root bound & the last leaves where a bit smaller so it was time. Usually I wouldn’t recommend repotting late Autumn in Melbourne but my bedroom is a bit like a glasshouse and it should be fine. I regularly take cuttings, root them in sphagnum moss and plant them around the base of the totem because adansonii drops it’s lower leaves as it climbs. Monstera adansonii like most Monsteras and many Aroids are highly variable amongst species and the leaves can look quite different from plant to plant but especially as they get larger & the plant matures. Actually these leaves are still quite small and they will get to 70 cm long and the plant a few meters wide . . . . . . . . . #plantnerd #houseplantclub #plantporn #plantstyling #pflanzen #aroid #araceae #aroidaddicts #plantsmakepeoplehappy® #plants #urbanjunglebloggers #plantstyling #idrinkandgrowthings #monstera #botanicalpickmeup #monsteramonday #houseplantsofinstagram #greenyourfeed #indoorplants #plantgang #houseplantcommunity #plantinspiration #plantsofinstagram #monsteraadasonii #plantinterior #planters

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Scott Cain (@tropicaloco)

Balcony goals much? Scott is a Perth-based graphic designer and also the curator of the one and only Boyswithplantsinstagram account. Scott also seems to have the world's biggest balcony as it is CHOCKERS with plants. 


Alan Chan (@plant.jungle)

Alan's instagram account Plant.Jungle has a whopping 75K followers for good reason - its filled with so much accessible information, tips and gorgeous imagery there's no real reason not to be following him. Also, Alan gets bonus points for being the only Plant Dad on this list that we've actually met and can confirm what so many in the #aussieplantclub already know: he's an absolute legend. 


Brad Canning (@leafy.lane)

Firstly, we have to apoloigise to Brad as he's the only Plant Dad on the list who doesn't get pictured. Not because we couldn't find one of him but because Dogs > Humans any day. That being said, you should definetly pop on over to Brad's instagram account and get yourselve some #indoorjunglegoals as his place is all about those jungle vibes. 


Nige (@urb4n_gr33n)

If you're hankering for some serious foliage, this is the page to visit. A must for anyone who is even remotely interested in hydroponics, hydroculture and all-round indoor growing. Nige's feed is a goldmine of incredible knowledge and stunning plants. 

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Thanks for the visit yesterday @thirrsty.plants and @stellapalencia . And thanks Ada for insisting on taking some candid pics for my feed, regardless of my protests, why did I do this pose though?! 😅😅 . I think there was still about twenty questions that you guys had, that I didn't answer too, but there's always a next time 😁 . . . . . #philodendron #araceae #aroid #aroidsofinstagram #aroidsocietyofaustralia #internationalaroidsociety #aroidfanatic #aroidlover #plantsinfocus #plantsofinstagram #plantsmakepeoplehappy #aussieplantclub #kateandfinn_vs_plants #instagreen #instaplant #indoorgarden #indoorjungle #indoorplant #tropicalplant #biophilia #hydroponics #leca #houseplants #houseplantsofinstagram #greenyourfeed #greentherapy #myjungle #urbanjungle #urb4n_gr33n

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