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Ready, Steady, Grow: How to prepare your plants for Spring


Let's talk Spring! This year we're on top of things and have somehow managed to time this post before  Spring kicks in so you have enough time to prepare.

I say 'prepare' as if there is a tonne of stuff to do. There isn't. Preparing your indoor plants for Spring is really about taking a minute to notice a few changes in the environment as well and reacting accordingly. Spring in Australia officially starts on September 1st, so you've got a couple of days. Don't stress though - this is the best time of the year if you're in the indoor plant game. So much new growth as your plants slink out of dormancy, so many new plants available to add to the plant fam, and so much more sun!

Our top tips for Spring time below:

One: Start Feeding!

Get your plants off to a good start with a regular feeding regieme. They'll be throwing all their energy into pushing out new growth so you'll need to make sure they have all the nutrients they require. Grab a bottle of your favourite liquid plant food and get cracking.

Two: Shuffle

Just as you moved your plants around in winterto maximise their sun time, now you'll need to think about moving them again to make sure they're not sitting ijn any direct sunlight too long. Pay attention to the sunlight as the sun won't be as low as it was over winter, so you may even be lucky enough to green up a space that was plant-less over winter. Think of it as an opportunity to restyle and refresh your space. 

Three: Wet Your Planties

With warmer weather and increased growth, your plants are going to dry out much quicker than they did over winter. Not only will the plants be drawing up more water, but the potting mix will be drying out quicker too. Stick a finger in your potting media everynow and then so you can get an idea as to how the seasonal change has effected it. Adjust your watering regieme as necessary. 

 Four: Get Down With Potting Up

Spring is a fantastic time to repot your plants. When you repot during the growing season, it encourages root growth and reduces the risk of root rot. When repotting, use a quality potting mix and think about the pot ypou'll be potting the plant into. Don't go too large too soon - read our guide to poitting up here.

Five: Spring Clean

Really, this should be done all year round but I couldn't resist a chance to big up Spring Cleaning. Give your plant's leaves a wipe down on the regular. Wiping down leaves monthly with a noncomdegenic oil like Neem will not only keep them dust free and photosynthesizing to the max, but it will keep them looking lush too. 

Six: Snip Snip

Now is the perfect time to snip away some of those leaves that weren't doing it for you over winter. You'll see a flush of new growth opver the next few months so don't be afraid to prune off anything that had started to brown or yellow off throughtout the colder months. (Don't go too hard mind you, be selective and prune in stages as the new growth comes through). 

It's also a wonderful time to propagate - we've just covered propagation by cuttings recently so have a read here

Bonus Points: Grow the Family

Get out there and support your local plant shop! There will be a tonne of new stock hitting the shelves over the next few weeks so get out and treat yourself!

*there will be no apologies for any pun use in this week's blog. 

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