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Our 2022 Plant Care Resolution List

With 2021 finally behind us, this years Plant Care resolution guide seems even more relevant. For one thing, you've probably got more plants. All that time at home saw our indoor jungles grow exponentially throughout the past year and now that we're allowed out again we need to make sure we can keep them thriving!

As such, this year's resolution list will be more of a reflection of the year we've just had rather than some general good habits like our 2021 list. As always, if there is anything we've forgotten hit us up in the comments!

1. Welcome failure

If Instagramis anything to go by, our homes are now 90% plants, 5% bed and 5% 'other'. We've had alot of time at home and all those extra members of the plant fam have more than likely been thriving on all the attention. But with a few more liberties available (hello interstate travel!) and the gradual return to work, you're just not going to have as much time to offer your plant fam as you catch up with your real fam instead. 

There will be some loses. Plants will suffer, some may even die, while you adjust to your new (old) lifestyle. This isn't a reflection of you as a plant parent - we're all going through it. The important thing here is not to dwell on your losses but to learn from the failures. A dead plant is an opportunity to learn, but only if you chose to. Understanding why that particular plant died will broaden your knowledge and hopefully prevent something like it happening again. Maybe the temperature changed now that you're not as home as much? Maybe that plant needs more watering and can't be left for a week without a drink. Hell, maybe your plants just miss you

2. Re-evaluate your limits

Sure, keeping 200+ plants alive might be fine when you're around 24/7 and never go anywhere, but you'll quickly realise that it might not be sustainable after that first holiday. Take stock and be realistic about what you can manage. Downsizing to keep all plants alive is better than powering on with multiple causalities. And saying farewell doesn't have to be all bad - you know which of your friends have been eyeing off your Philodendron melanochrysum - cut that bad boy up and gift away!



3. Keep up the Cleaning (or maybe, start cleaning?)

While the extra time at home has seen some people step their cleaning game up, others might have assumed that since no one would be visiting, there was no need to keep things tidy. Either way, you need to make sure your plants are kept dust free so they can photosynthesize to their full potential. It'll take a few weeks for you to get into a rhythm (some houses are dustier than others - this can because of worksites near by, high wind areas, lots of people in the house...) and realise how often you need to clean your plants foliage, but once you realise just how much of an impact 'shine time' makes on your plants, you won't skip it. Grab a bottle of our Neem Oil Leaf Shine and a soft cloth and get wiping!


4. Go out and mingle with some other Crazy Plant People

Anyone else have their Instagram account grow in proportion to the number of plants they acquired over 2021? New accounts to follow, new followers getting their plant perv on your plant fam, and undoubtedly more people sliding into your DMs trying to figure out where you got that Anthuriam guatemala x magnificum from.  

But 2022 means you can step out and actually meet those new friends, for reals. And what better way to greet a new friend that hook them up with a cutting. Hell, you might score one too. You'll build on your plant knowledge, get a whole heap of advice that you won't find on some blog (...) and you'll actually be engaging with a real person. 

5. Give them (ie, your Plant Fam), the Good Stuff

The other thing to come out of 2021? A whole heap more plant care options! Not only were established brands building on their range, but new brands were popping up on the reg. Do your research, chat to your local plant shop, read reviews and pay attention to the details - check things if its a complete feed, is it mineral-based or organic (hot tip: one is not better than the other), is it horticulturally backed...? Find a product that works for you and your plants and use it - that way you'll hit 2022 running!








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