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Peace Lilies: A Plant Care Guide

Peace Lilies would have to be one of the most underrated indoor plants. The mere mention conjures up flashbacks to Grandma's house (the one plant she had indoors) or some tacky hotel bathroom - associations which can be hard to shake off, especially in a world of insta-ready Monsteras delicosas, Philodendron gloriosums and Ficus lyratas

But, given the chance, Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum spp.) can hold their own against  any plant in the indoor plant scene despite their #basic reputation. 

Looking for lush, foliage in a variety of sizes and shade of green? Tick

Low maintenance, low light? Tick and Tick

Easy to propagate? Sure thing. 

Brilliant, cream white flowers? Hell yeah (well, not technically but close enough)

Oh yeah, they're also great for air purification

There is a reason these guys have been so popular for generations. And well paired with the right pot in the perfect position, a Peace Lily can easily become one of the favourite members of your Plant Fam. 



Peace Lilies are often considered 'low light' plants. They'll tolerate lower light conditions just fine so they're a great plant for that darker room in the house. That being said, don't be afraid to throw them into a nice bright space where they can really thrive (and flower more prolifically!). Keep in mind they can be vulnerable to sun burn so keep out of direct light. 

Potting Up

Best time to pot up is over Spring and Summer. Spathiphyllum prefer to be slightly root bound so pot up in a pot only a couple of centimetres larger than the root ball. Always use a good potting mix


Best thing about Peace Lilies? They'll let you know when they need a drink. If the leaves are drooping slightly, you know its time. Ideally, Spathiphyllums like to be kept in moist soil, especially throughout the growing season (they are Aroidsafter all).

If you're really slack and forget to water to the point of being super saggy, don't stress. Stick the plant in the sink and giove it a real good soaking and those leaves will perk back up!


Feed over Spring and Summer with a quality liquid fertiliser


Indoors are perfect for Peace Lilies. They dislike the cold and definitely keep them sheltered from the wind and frosts if you've got them outside. Always consider where your plant is in relation to any heaters or air cons as they can be a little sensitive if they're too close to a heat source. 

Bonus Bits

  • Peace Lilies are toxic to pets so if you have a curious fur baby think about placing them out of reach. 
  • Peace Lilies can flower all year round given the right position (think warm + bright). Flowers are actually modified leaves, called Bracts and can last up to two months when properly fertilised and watered. 
  • Peace Lilies are pretty tolerant of pests and diseases. Their large foliage will benefit from a regular shine with Neem Oil to keep them dust free and allowing them to photosynthesize to the max (and therefore keeping them healthy and more resistant to pests and diseases).

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