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GrowPole Large

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The next step up in GrowPole technology. THICCLY have deleoped a bigger, wider GrowPole for bigger, stronger plant support.

The THICCLY GrowPole is designed with Aroids in mind. It's unique design encourages strong climbing roots, that in turn promotes morphogenesis to develop mature leaf forms.

The enclosed nature of the GrowPole means moisture is retained longer and roots are controlled within the pole. Nutrients and water are picked up faster from the closest growth point, rewarding you with more vigorous growth. 

Designed by an award winning product design team, the THICCLY GrowPoles are easily assembled by simply clipping the face together. 

Extension is just as simple, as a new GrowPole can be slid over the top of an old one to extend the height and increase vertical growth. Shortening can be done by cutting as desired with regular scissors. 

This ability to cut makes propagation a breeze, as once roots have attached to the substrate, you can simply prune the plant below the node and cut out the plastic face. 

Why use GrowPole?

  • Unlike other plant totems and poles, by being semi-enclosed you can water from the top and ensure a more even absorption by the substrate. This also means the pole stays moist longer
  • GrowPole uses rectangle holes as opposed to square, improving the ability to remove plants for propagation purposes
  • The base of the pole has anchors to stop the pole from leaning towards the plant. The also act as clips when extending the height of the pole. 


We are proud to be the first Australian retailers of the THICCLY GrowPole. Its one piece monocoque design allows for the least amount of materials to be used while still delivering a strong pole. Made from 100% recycled PET plastic, all cut outs are done inside the factory which are in turn then recycled. No extra parts or ties means no excess trimming of cable ties. This product can be reused as often as you would like - simply flush out the pole and replant as necessary.  

The Specs

Size: 59cm x 9.3cm. This product comes flat packed. Each pole is 59cm tall 

Material: 100% recycled clear PET Plastic


The FAQs

What should I fill my GrowPole with?

This is up to you! 100% Sphagnum moss is great, or you could use an Aroid-specific potting mix. No need to fill all the way up either, simply fill to the height of the plant and add more as the plant grows!

How do I water my GrowPole?

You can water from the top of the pole. This ensures the substrate in the mix gets an even drink. 

 Can I extend the height my GrowPole?

Sure can! The unique design means each GrowPole can be inserted into the top of the previous one. The team at Thiccly have tested this with over three poles with no loss in strength. The only thing effecting the GrowPole's stability will be the depth of the pot its in.